Our Mission is to:

Deal fairly with customers and carriers alike.

Adhere to honesty and integrity to generally accepted principles of professional conduct.

Not engage in any practice which tends to corrupt the integrity of the transportation brokerage industry or process of government.

Not intentionally communicate false or misleading information concerning financial, ethical, and professional business background.

Make proper, just and prompt payment for all contractual obligations.

Abide by all lawful agreements to which it is a party, including all agreements with shippers and carriers.

Improve our individual competence and advance the knowledge and proficiency of the transportation brokerage profession through continuing education.

Subscribe to and offer to the public a uniform and consistent service in arranging motor transportation of property.

Protect the interest of the shipping public as the Congress of the United States originally intended in 1935, as amended in 1980.

Promote greater productivity of motor transport.

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